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Provide Clean Water

Provide Clean Water

Clean water for drinking and cleaning should be any human being right. However, in poorer countries, access to clean water is very poor. Children and women must walk great distances for water and in some cases, they have to collect water from ditches. The risk of diseases is massive resulting in illness and premature deaths, especially in children. The time taken to collect water and general illness due to water borne infections results in children missing school and hence sentenced to lifetime of ill health and with no education, very poor job prospects.
TDCF first ever project was to build a well and this was done in the year 2003/2004. Each shallow well can easily provide safe clean water to 200 people per day and Deep Bore well can easily provide 800- 1000 people per day.
As of April 2021, one shallow well costs approximately 4 million Tanzanian shillings. Deep Bore wells price vary so email us for details.

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