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Provide Food

Provide Food

‘TDCF has been supporting needy families and families of orphanages with monthly food parcels since 2004. We normally provide these families with non-perishable food stuff like beans, flour, sugar, and cooking oil. As of April 2021, monthly food parcel cost is approximately 100,000 Tz shillings. These are for a family of 6 and the food parcel has non-perishable goods. As of April 2021, we supply about 100 families with monthly ration’.
During the month of Ramadhan we provide monthly food parcels to similar families and provide food rations to the Butimba High Security Prison. These appeals are run just before the month of Ramadhan. We also work with Bilal Tanzania to supply the food parcels in Ramadhan months.
Please contact us if you would like to support the needy and family of orphanages.

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