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Provide Financial Support

Provide Financial Support

As of April 2021, TDCF have completed the following:
1) Assist more than 10,000 Primary and Secondary School children with basic needs to able to go to school. This includes uniform, shoes, sweaters, books, pens , Hoe etc
2) Managed to sponsor more than 100 University and college to pursue higher education. Nearly 30% have completed the education and now having good jobs. The trap of poverty is finally broken.
3) Donated more than 70 laptops to students and Sheikhs.
4) More than 100 people given financial help to start a small viable business.
5) 20 people donated with bikes so can ease commute to school and help with work and earn more money.
6) Local sheiks recite Quran, Qaza Namaaz, Qaza Roza on behalf of the deceased. This enables the sheikh to earn extra money and increase their spirituality.
7) Rent support for poor families and widows or ladies whose husband have left them with no financial support.

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