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Education Assistance Appeal – Doctor Of Medicine Degree – Jasmine Jamaly

Sister Jasmine Jamaly has been selected for doctor of Medicine degree and has to register herself with the university by 23/11/15. She has approached us for financial assistance for the cost of this course. She passed with flying colors in her A-levels and managed to get a place in medicine at St Joseph University.

Jasmine lost her parents when still in std 5 and since then she and her younger sister have been looked after by their aunt who managed to assist them to complete A and O levels respectively. Their aunt is a petty trader selling fruits and vegetables on the streets and now she is in no position to be able to pay University fees for Jasmine’s medicine course and at the same time, her younger sister needs to continue with her A levels. Her first-year costs come to about tshs 7,000,000/= (ie USD $3500) and there is a possibility of her get a government loan up to 60%.

She needs to pay about tshs 6,000,000/= ( ie USD $ 2000) immediately in order for her to get admission registration at the Univesity by 23/11/15.

Anybody wishing to contribute towards this noble cause of helping Jasmine fulfill her dream of becoming a doctor and serve the UMMA is requested to contact us. IT IS SAID ”EDUCATING A WOMAN IS EDUCATING THE UNVERSE”

The joining instruction document with all the details is attached for reference.

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