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Provide Medical Support

Provide Medical Support

As of April 2021, TDCF have completed the following:
1) Helped hundreds of patients with medical expense from prescription fees to major heart surgery in India (with collaboration work with Lions Club) and bilateral corneal transplantation in Kenya.
2) Health Insurance to 200 families with National Social Security Fund.
3) Health Insurance to 300 + families with iCHF – improved Community Health scheme which is public private health scheme for people in rural Tanzania.
4) Health Insurance for more than 400 + children age <18 years with National Health insurance Fund. 5) TDCF have helped more that 70 amputees to get their mobility again with prosthetic legs. 6) During COVID pandemic, we donated 500 different sizes of hand washing buckets to many public places like schools, bus stand etc. 7) Free eyes check and providing spectacles to almost 150 patients. 8) Assisted in 150 cataract surgeries. 9) Involved in Blood donation camps and getting nearly 10,000 units of blood which hopefully will save thousands of lives.

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