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Handed Over Laptop No 1 to Hamisi Matalu

With reference to our appeal regarding an acute need of laptops for students who are pursuing higher education, a well-wisher from Dar-es-salaam responded by donating two brand new laptops for two students.

Today Saturday 2/2/13 laptop no 1 was handed over to Mr Hamisi Matalu a fifth year medical student at CUHAS=CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY OF HEALTH AND ALLIED SCIENCES.

If all goes well Mr Hamisi Matalu will be completing his studies on 27/7/13. Hamisi has been sponsored by TDCF through a well-wisher from the US and later, he was stuck to do his research paper which is a requirement to complete his studies. A used desktop he bought from saving money from his daily meals broke down.

Mr Hamisi’s parents who were farmers in Kwimba district passed away when he was very young. Since then he has been supported by well-wishers till he has reached this stage of now qualifying as Doctor. In the very near future, he will be able to serve the nation once qualified as a medical doctor.

Hamisi sincerely prayed and thanked his sponsors for their support in his studies which has fulfilled his dreams.

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