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Economic Upliftments for Ladies in Mwanza

TDCF is now involved in helping the ladies (widows) of Mwanza City to be self-sufficient and financially independent. Eighteen widows grouped themselves and formed a CBO (Community based Organisation) that was registered by authorities and were given registration no CBO/NYG/123.

These widows whose husbands passed away leaving behind small children, elderly parents to look after in all manners, be it house rents, children school fees, medicals and feeding of the extended families.
This widows group most of them whose education levels are very low decided to apply from the Mwanza City Council for tender of cleaning streets of Mirongo and Isamilo wards.

After a very stiff competition, they were granted one year tender for cleaning the streets of Mirongo and Isamilo wards.

Since the precondition of the tender application was to have enough equipment, The Desk and Chair Foundation provided this group with all the necessary gear on the soft interest-free loan of tshs 1,610,000/- (usd $1100). That will be payable in 8 months time after a grace period of one month with monthly instalments of tshs 200000/-PM.

The following items were provided for the activity to start. 14 pcs of trolleys, 25 road brooms, 20 pairs gumboots, 20 pairs of gloves, 20 pcs of overcoats/over rolls, 20 pcs masks, 10 pcs grass cutters (fyekeo), 10 reflectors, 10 helmets, 10 complete hoes, 4 racks and spades, all amounting to tshs 1,610,000/=.

Expected gross income is 3.5m/= per month and expected monthly net income will be tshs 1.5m/=.

In total there are 2000 household families (domestic) that will pay tshs 800/pm as debris collection fees to the group and 700 businesses that are expected to pay tshs 8000/= per month.

The leaders of this widows group thanked the donors for their timely rescue at times were too hard for them and their families especially the children and the elderly people. They have promised to work hard and pay the loan in time so that others also can benefit from this assistance.


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