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Well 140

On Sunday 18/9/2011 shallow well no 140 was handed over to villagers of Kidunashi B village, Shiloleli sub-village in Kwimba district, Mwanza city. In total 6 shallow wells were handed over in Kwimba district on this day. Shallow well no 140 was donated in ”THE LOVING MEMORY OF LATE DEVRAJ WALJI”. The villagers sincerely thanked the donors and prayed for their and their family’s well being This well will serve 65 families ie about 325 people of that area every day Some of the photos show that well had already started being utilized before even the pump was installed. Due to a very severe drought in Tanzania in some areas, we witnessed that the well was being used to feed the animals also.

Status: Completed September 2011
Notes: Well 140 has been donated in ”THE LOVING MEMORY OF LATE DEVRAJ WALJI.’

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