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To day Sunday 15/12/19 shallow well no 436 was handed over to villagers of Karumo in Sengerema district in Mwanza region.

Karumo villager is about 20km away from both ways after crossing the Kamanga ferry.

1000 primary school students,108 vocational training students, and fifty nearby families will benefit from the well in a daily basis.

According to village leadership, the well will help in reducing constant water contaminated related diseases like bilharzia, diarrhea, and accidents like drowning in lakes or attacks by animals like hippos and alligators.

The well was donated by youths of HUSSEIN INSPIRES GROUP OF MUSLIM COMMUNITY OF K S I (MWANZA ) Jamaat and some of the members of the group were present and witnessed the handing over ceremony.

We thank the well wishers and donors for their continued support.
May the Almighty repay the donors abundantly here and hereafter

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