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Deep well no.346 handed over to the villagers of NAKATUBA


Deep well (60 meters deep)was rehabilitated and handed over to the villagers of NAKATUBA VILLAGE IN KIBARA MUNICIPALITY IN MARA RAGION

This well is serving 200 families surrounding the well and was not working since last 2 years

The well has now been rehabilitated and will serve clean and safe water to 200 families from yesterday

The deep well brand new pump has been donated by MS SHAIMOND DIESEL COMPANY and other rehabilitation expenses were funded by WOMEN’S GROUP OF DUA E NUDBA OF TORONTO CANADA
The villagers have sincerely thanked the donors for their timely assistance as since the breaking down of the well clean water was a big challenge for the villagers of the area
May the Almighty repay the donors abundantly here and here after


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