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well no 416

On the great occasion of the marriage of their children today in Canada the families have remembered the thirties of Karbala and donated a well no 416 for poor villagers of Chole Village in Idetemya Ward in Misungwi District. The village has about 430 families. They are not able to fetch water from the lake due to alligator and bilharzia threat.
With this well the villagers will safe May the almighty bless and protect the newly wed couple and also bless their families for an excellent thought of remembering the less privileged during this happy family occasions. The villagers were sincerely thankful to the donors for the support. This shallow well was coordinated through the women’s group of DUA E NUDBA OF TORONTO CANADA.

May the almighty reward and protect the leaders of this group here and hereafter Insha’ALLAH.

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