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  • TDCF raised enough funds for refreshments to be given to blood donors


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  • How to make famous BATIK CLOTHES and water soap

    TDCF Students who complete six months tailoring course are also taught how to make famous BATIK CLOTHES, and water soap mainly used to mo..

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  • Mr School of Mecco Mashariki area was handed over with a white cane

    Mr School of Mecco Mashariki area, who is completely blind was handed over with a white cane that will help him in his day to day activi..

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  • Musa Sudi a four year child suffering with severe celebral palsy

    Musa Sudi a four-year child suffering with severe cerebral palsy and club feet was handed over a wheelchair no 399. He hails from Shinyan..

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  • TDCF reaches a Milestone

    TDCF reaches a Milestone… Thank you all especially M V LATEST NEWS GROUP.

    Wheel chair no 400 was handed over MZEE D who got ..

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  • Miss Daines Juma Kuboja is discharged from hospital

    Miss Daines Juma Kuboja has had surgery and is now discharged from the hospital. She will have to attend her weekly clinics and will cont..

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  • TDCF donates two wheel chairs

    TDCF donates two wheelchairs to most deserving cases respectively wheelchair no 397 (MV group no 1) was handed over to Mrs. JS (94) of ma..

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  • Sewing Machine Donated by TDCF to Muleba villagers, Kagera

    Four sewing machines were today handed over by TDCF to Muleba villagers in Kagera region to open up a tailoring class in the village for ..

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  • TDCF runs sewing classes for adults

    TDCF runs sewing classes for adults who never got chance to go to school or had to drop out because of difficulty with fees. These childr..

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  • Two shallow well donated to two villages in Mwanza city

    Today two shallow wells were handed over at two different villages in Usagagara area in the Mwanza city. The area has severe water scarci..

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