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Provide Financial Support

Provide Financial Support

Supported more than 758 students for education; from Sewing classes to technical as well as professional courses. Details are as follows:

Education Projects started in March 2004
300 Qualified Sewing Technicians (Bilal sewing classes)
80 Enrolled 2nd Term 2005 (Bilal sewing classes)
50 Enrolled 1st Year at Sengerema Technical college
32 Enrolled 1st Year at Mirongo Technical college
35 Students sponsored in India
1 MBA at University of Dar es Salaam
200 TDCF-run computer classes
60 Individual school fees support
Reconditioned Computers Projects started in March 2000
230 2nd hand reconditioned computers sent to Tanzania and distributed to local schools. Reconditioned by www.computeraid.co.uk
58 2nd hand computers donated by Mid-Yorkshire NHS Trust. Reconditioned and distributed to charities in North East England. Reconditioning and distribution done free of charge by www.living-media.co.uk
1 Library in Leeds, UK with full (reconditioned) Computer system
Small Projects
4 Wheel Barrows
23 School Uniforms
3 Fire Extinguishers
2 First Aid Kits
12 Straw Carpets

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