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Community Projects

Community Projects

Deep water system with two tricycles, two wheelchairs and 300 plastic organizer trays and 800 I C H I F HEALTH INSURANCE CARDS was handed over the villagers of Nyashimo village

Items Details
2 Tricycles
2 Wheelchairs
300 Plastic organizer trays
School equipments like mathematical sets,writting pens,rurals,pencills and erasors for 300 primary school students
TDCF is constructing a special needs children class room at Bulale primary school.
TDCF have managed to cover 200 families and Mwanza Bilal branch have covered more than 2400 families in more than six lake zone regions
TDCF builds a waiting area for patients and their families at Sekoutoure Hospital in Mwanza.
Today’s progress at Bulale primary school classroom construction for special needs children heading at final stages.
TDCF is helping to fund motorbike ambulance for remote villages so they can transfer ill patients or pregnant ladies to local health centres. Without these motorbike ambulances, patients have to walk a long way or travel by bicycles
THE UHURU TORCH MARATHONE (MBIO ZA MWENGE WA UHURU) inaugurates a tshs 50m/- classroom built for ‘’CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL NEEDS ‘’ on 6/7/21 , project built by THE DESK AND CHAIR FOUNDATION at Bulale Primary school *
House no 7 handed over to Mama Yahaya and her family on the occasion of THE AFRICAN CHILD DAY 16/6/2021
Today Friday 1/10/21 The desk and chair foundation handed over ONE YEAR HEALTH INSURANCE CARDS to 45 children with hearing and sight disability (DEAF AND BLIND) at Nyanza B prumary school in a short fare well ceremony held for std VII students
Today Friday 6/5/22 another lot of 430 matresses were donated to the RC of Mwanza in a short ceremony at the front gates of the Maximum prison in the lake zone

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