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Welcome to The Desk and Chair Foundation website, a charitable trust fully registered with the United Kingdom Charity Commission with a mission to provide Tanzanian communities with vocational education for needy children, access to clean water and other actions based on an intimate and thorough understanding of its social and cultural needs.

Latest News:

Mark Fitt running the London Marathon for The Desk & Chair Foundation pt5. >> Click here to read more.

Mark Fitt running the London Marathon for The Desk & Chair Foundation pt4. >> Click here to read more.

Mark Fitt running the London Marathon for The Desk & Chair Foundation pt3. >> Click here to read more.

Mark Fitt running the London Marathon for The Desk & Chair Foundation pt2. >> Click here to read more.

Mark Fitt running the London Marathon for The Desk & Chair Foundation. >> Click here to read more.

How You Can Help TDCF:

Attached are the photos of a three wheeler ambulance ideal for villages.Cost of one such ambulance is tshs 6,000,000/= ( i e usd $3800 or ukp 2500). This includes one year comprehensive insurance,road licence, registration fees and transport to recipient village hospital from where it will operate. Please contact us if you can help. >> Click here to learn more.

A standard 2 girl who is physically challenged has approached us for assistance of a tricycle so that she can attend school in time. According to the letter from the Headmaster of the school this student stays 1km far away from the school and she literally has to crawl to reach the school on time which is not possible due to nature of her disability. >> Click here to learn more.

Songambele Primary School needs your help please. There is a masssive shortage of desks. TDCF has managed to repair 86 broken desks that will accomodate about 260 children. >> Click here to learn more.

My Dear Friend, Henk Holtslag,

Thank you for your kind response. Yes I am interested in receiving information and any available assistance which will help me to get services for water in a simple technology.

In the attachment, I have included some photos for orphanage school buildings which are still under construction. If this school will be finished, it is our vision to offer an open door mostly for vulnerable children to study in this school for lower school fees. If you may know an individual person or an organization which is interested in taking part in what we are doing here in Musoma, Tanzania through MRGM, please feel free to share with them so that they will help us in the finishing stages. The Mara Rural Gospel Ministry which I shared with you about through the mail I sent you took a faith step to build this school since 2007. MRGM is not a church. It is an NGO which preach the Gospel in remote villages where many preachers do not go. Being the founder of this ministry, I want to say that we are doing our missions beyond denominational borders.

This school project has no access for water. The community which surrounds the area take some 5 km walking in order to fetch for water in ponds or small rivers when it is rainy seasons. That is why I am requesting your assistance for water availability as well before this project starts.

Pastor Lukasi Manumbu

TDCF with collaboration with Izaaz Medical Project are trying to help this young boy who has got serious medical condition affecting his eyes. Can you help? >> Click here to learn more.

JUST GIVING: is the easy and efficient way to donate and raise money for TDCF. >> Click here to learn more.

TAKE UP THE CHALLENGE: If you fancy raising money for TDCF by climbing Ben Nevis or walking Hadrian's Wall then 'Take up the Challenge'. >> Click here to learn more.

URGENT ADVICE: The parents of Ibeneza Eliudi Kapili have approached us for assistance. He is nine months old and was born with deformed right leg as shown in the photos. According to his parents he is making efforts to stand up but is not able due to no balance from the right leg. TDCF has requested professional help but as ever, there will be the need of funds. At present, we not sure if we will be able to help Ibeneza Eliudi or not and if we will be able to help him, the costs involved. If you have any expertise or funds to help, pls contact us ASAP. >> Click here to learn more.

To make sure that all the donations (100%) given to the charity are used as per intended, members of Ladha Meghjee family underwrite all of the following:

  • Direct salary of personnel employed by the Desk and Chair Foundation.
  • All administration expenses occurred in United Kingdom including website maintenance costs.
  • All administration and running costs in Tanzania, including buying and maintenance of a four wheel drive car.
  • All bank charges incurred in running the TD&CF account and charges levied by bank in transferring funds to Tanzania.

The Desk & Chair Foundation registration number is 1103895.

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