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Solar Project

TDCF starts the third phase village grass huts solar lighting project

TDCF starts the third phase village grass huts solar lighting project. During the third phase total 40 families living in huts in the villages surrounding Mwanza will benefit from solar panels.

In the first two phases total 61 families benefitted.The students have benefitted the most as now they can study at their own convenience and at night. We thank all the donors of these solar light sets that have changed people lives.

May Allah repay all the donors abundantly.

Our solar lighting project for the village grass huts today reached 101 families respectively

During the third phase a donor (originally from Mwanza) has donated 40 mosquito nets in the loving memories of his beloved father late Gulamhussein Bandali Damji and these were distributed to the deserving families while installing the 40 solar lights sets.

We thank and pray for all donors of these 101 solar lights sets out of which 97 were installed in the individual family grass huts and four were installed in two village local mosques.

One donor had donated full installation costs of solar system at Nassa village health center.

May the almighty God repay all the donors,their families and the well wishers abundantly here and hereafter.

Please feel free to circulate this report in order to create awareness of basic needs in the villages and with a small amount one can make a big positive impact

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