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Solar Project

Installing Solar Lights Sets In Mud Bricks And Grass Roofed Huts

Today 8/6/2021 TDCF have resumed installing solar lights sets in mud bricks and grass roofed huts in the villages around Mwanza region

This exercise was temporarily suspended due to heavy rains and many inside village roads being not passable

Today we managed to install in 9 huts at NYANGUGE village in Magu district in Mwanza region

By end of June 2021 we will have installed almost 300 huts since we first started this project last year

The recipients benefit a lot from this small donation of about tshs 175,000/= for @ set

-They save on kerosene, about tshs 30,000/= every month

– No more inhaling of strong kerosene fumes
– No more fumes related ailments like coughing, red burning eyes
– No more smoke odour and no more heavy breathing environment or pollution
More fresh breathing air full time

– Better communication within the family
-mobile phones can be charged and generate income for the family
– More time for children to study at night hence uplifting tremendously their school performances and girls are now more secured

We sincerely thank all the donors for their contributions that has caused great positive impact on most deserving poor people’s lives in deep villages
May the almighty repay the donors abundantly here and hereafter

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