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Aldhadeer Tree Planting Project, Mwanza Bilal Branch

In order to celebrate IDD E GHADEER, Mwanza Bilal branch planted different species of trees at Manthare village that is 64 km away from Mwanza city centre on 3/11/2012.

Total 30 Bilal members participated in this tree planting project and 1561 trees were planted. Out of these, 708 trees were 6 different types of fruit trees and 853 were 4 different types of wood trees. In total tshs 1,500,000/= were spent in this exercise,this included purchase of all seedlings, planting equipment like hoes and canes, hiring of a truck, drinking water and food for the tree planters volunteers, sponsoring of live broadcast of a football match on radio city from that will advertise Mwanza Bilal activities including ALGHADEER TREE PLANTING PROJECT and episode of Ghadeer e qum. This radio is heard in all of the Lake Zone. This football match is between Mwanza Pamba Football team and Sinyanga’s Mwadui Football on Sunday 4/11/12. The donor of this IDD E GHADEER TREE PLANTING project was Beta Charitable trust, Brother Abdul Datoo of Stanmore, Alhaj Gulamali Dhalla of BMM Sweden, Dr.Mubarak Janmohammed and sister Surraiya Wali Mohammed.

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