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Wheelchairs 245, 246, 247 and 248 donated by Beta Charitable Trust and Family of Late M J N Virji

Late Alhajj Mohammed Jaffer Nasser Virji was a prominent personality in Mwanza and for many years he was the Chairman of Mwanza Jamaat. Wheelchairs nos 246, 247 and 248 were donated by the Family of Late Alhajj Mohammed Jaffer Nasser Virji and Beta Charitably Trust. These three wheelchairs were handed to three deserving physically challenged children in different parts of Mwanza city.

  • Wheelchair no 245 was handed over to Bukumbi Catholic Hospital which is one of the first hospitals in Mwanza city.
  • Wheelchair no 246 was handed over on 12/11/2015 to Jumanne Hatibu who is physically challenged and only his one hand is okay.

The recipients and their families sincerely prayed and thanked the donors for assisting these wheelchairs as it has created a great deal of relief to these victims of disability.

In the lake zone region, it is estimated to almost 500 such cases that need different types of life support.

We thank all the donors and well-wishers in order to accomplish this great task of assisting people with disability and creating the positive change of life.

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