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Wheel Chair No 245 And 25 Mosquito Net Handed Over To Bukumbi Catholic Hospital

Wheelchair no 245 and 25 mosquito nets were donated to the Bukumbi Catholic Hospital in Mwanza city. This donation that was in the loving memory of Late alhajj Mohammed Jaffer Nasser Virji and his late son Mohammed was handed over to the matron of the hospital to be used in the hospital for the patients that will be treated in this hospital. The Bukumbi Catholic hospital that is some 27 miles from Mwanza city is one of the oldest hospitals in Mwanza city and has been serving all sick people without any discrimination.

Alhajj late Mohammed Jaffer Nasser Virji was treated successfully in this Hospital in mid-1970’s. As a kind gesture, the family of late alhajj Mohammed Jaffer Nasser Virji have kindly donated these gifts to the hospital. Late Mohammed Jaffer Nasser Virji and his wife Mrs Kubrabai M J N Virji have worked in many different capacities in Mwanza Jamaat.

The matron of the Hospital on behalf of the hospital leadership thanked the family for the donation and especially remembering the good services the hospital has been providing to all races and religion people at a very subsidized rate. This donation has created a great deal of positive impact.

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