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Tricycle No 87

On Sunday 8/5/11, Tricycle no 87 was handed over to Ms.Shelida Bulilo of KIBARA VILLAGE in BUNDA DISTRICT IN MARA REGION.

Shelida Bulilo was born and lives in KIBARA STOO Village in BUNDA District which is 236 km from Mwanza City. Shelida is a physically challenged person since birth and has been facing serious life challenges due to her disability.

She sells tomatoes as her daily lively hood in Kibara village. Prior to her getting the tricycle, she had to wait for tomato sellers to bring tomatoes to her place to sell to her as she could not walk the long distance to go to purchase the tomatoes at a competitive price and sell them at market price and make more profit.

Now with a BRAND NEW TRICYCLE DONATED BY JAZ & TESS OF LEEDS IN UK she will be able to go to different markets to purchase tomatoes at a good price and sell them at market price and get more or better profit than before as she had to sit in one area and wait for the sellers and buyers hence getting very little profit.

According to her, the tricycle will change her life for better overnight as now she will be mobile able to move around freely in different markets and sell her commodities at a better price than before.

With this tricycle, she will also be able to attend different development programmes like seminars, women’s group meetings and exhibitions in order to get more knowledge.

She sincerely thanked the donors for their generosity as with assisting her a tricycle ”THEY HAVE MADE A DISABLED PERSON AND HER FAMILY ABLE FOR LIFE”

Shelida and her family prayed for the well being of the DONORS here and hereafter (AMEN)

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