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Provide Mobility

Wheel chair, mattresses, blankets, pillows handed over to family in Butimba area

With reference to our recent visit to an elderly four people family in Butimba area in Mwanza city on 30/12/19,today second visit was done and a wheelchair no 460 donated by sister AK was handed over to her for easy mobility and comfortable life.

With that four mattresses, four blankets, and pillows were also assisted from sadaqat funds donated by Jetha Family of UK.

This family’s house was also installed with a solar lighting system and now the next move is to bring near them piped water supply and construct for them a decent bathroom and toilets.

The area government leadership, neighbors and the family itself sincerely thanked and prayed for the donors and their wellbeing.

We also thank the donors for their sadaqat,zakaat and NAZRE aam funds that help the poor families of different areas.

May the Almighty repay the donors abundantly here and hereafter ia


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