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During the 50 Years Independence Celebrations of Tanzania, Tricycle No 107 & 108 Sponsored by Beta Charitable Trust

On Friday 9 December 2011, on the occasion of 50th anniversary of Independence of Tanzania, Lucas Ndebile (17 yrs) – a standard four student and Mathias Bamba (14 yrs) – a standard one student, received best ever gift of their life from BETA CHARITABLE TRUST. Both Lucas and Mathias are from Kinamweli Primary School and both are physically challenged. They were facing immense difficulty in moving around freely and independently.

Tricycle no 107 and 108 were handed over to them during a short ceremony at Kinamweli Primary School in Ngudu area in Kwimba district while celebrating 50 years of Independence of Tanzania. The Headmaster of the school said that both the students had to be supported all the time inside and outside the school. With this gift on such an auspicious day will change their lives for the better overnight. Lucas who was very excited and told the reporters that this is the best gift of his life ever received and he said ”now I will be able to attend the lessons on time, I will no more trouble anyone any more, and of all I will attend regularly the church sermons on Sundays and coming Christmas.”

Mathias was shy and said asanteni sana. If you can watch video clip attached you can see how a simple gift of a tricycle can improve some one’s life for the better overnight.

It is estimated that along the Lake zone there are about 300 of such cases that need the help of a tricycle or a wheelchair. The headmaster, the village chairman and all villagers thanked donors for their support and assistance to these two angles who will now be able to leave a better life. During this ceremony, eighty-three seater desks were also handed over to the school.


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