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Joe Luca Dooley

Joe Luca Dooley – a talented and gifted 11 years old has been busking in Leeds with his Saxophone and raising money for the orphanages in Mwanza. This has been possible with the support of his Dad and his Grandma. The family has also been raising money for the children by knitting and selling head caps for a nominal donation. Joe Luca has raised more than £600 and with this money, TDCF has bought 85 desks and chairs for and provided the Desk and Chairs to 2 centres in Mwanza. TDCF has also repaired old broken Desk and Chairs in the village school with the money raised. TDCF, on behalf of the children of Mwanza, says a BIG THANK you to the Dooley family for their help and support! There are about 50 similar types of orphanages all over Mwanza with an average of 50 children needing urgent help. Few centres do have the wooden desks and chairs which need repairs. TDCF with help from Joe Luca and his family will continue to help these centres. Cost of repair for each desk is about £3:00 which is similar to the plastic desk and chairs.

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