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Afzal Roshanali Fazal charity walk

TDCF donated 15 three seater desks to Mjimwema Nursery school loving memory of late Afzal Roshanali Fazal. On an unannounced visit to Mjimwema Nursery school, it was found out that the students were sitting on the floor and learning as the first three photos show the situation.

The family and friends of late Afzal Roshanali Fazal raised funds in charity walk that was organised in Leeds UK, and some of the funds were used to manufacture 15 three seater desks that were donated to Mjimwema Nursery School which has about 40 students.

The students showed their appreciation by displaying banners that read “dear brother Afzal Roshali Fazal we will always pray for you” and the second banner read “we thank you all and will always remember you all in our prayers.”

Tanzanian schools are facing serious shortages of desks and decent toilets as at today there is a need for 3 million desks in schools in Tanzania. Similarly, many schools don’t have enough decent toilets which are a serious health hazard to the children schooling in these schools. If you can help, please contact us.

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