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The Desk and Chair Foundation today responded to Ministry

The Desk and Chair Foundation today responded to Ministry for Healths five days BLOOD DONATION DRIVE which is intended to save lives of EXPECTANT MOTHERS by donating following items
1)600 sets of refreshments for 600 blood donors
ie water,soda and biscuits

2) 850 pcs 3 quire counter books for rememberance gift to school children who are 80% blood donors in the country

3)800 writing pen with a blood donation awareness creating message engraved on the pen for school children

4)235 birth delivery pack for expectant mothers to be gifted for free to expecting mothers

Out of which 113 delivery packs were donared by ladies group of ‘’HUSSEIN INSPIRES’’ of K S I M C OF MWANZA

5)500 educational leaflets in kiswahili language to be distributed in remote areas

In the lake zone we are expecting to collect 2000 units of blood in next five days that will help to save lives of delivering mothers as the slogan says



The regional health department authority leaders thanked all the donors for responding to this programme

Any one wishing to donate refreshments for the blood donors can contact Sibtain Meghjee on +2550784783413

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