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Provide Clean Sanitation

Kaenze Village, Mwanza

Sponsored by www.khakifoundation.com – the villagers are very thankful and pray that the organisation continues in their work to help the humanity.

Kaenze Village, Mwanza: TDCF initially decided to build a well in the village of Kaenze in the Magu District of Mwanza. The village dispensary had no clean water facilities and had only two VIP (Ventilated Improvised Pit latrines). The toilets were in a state of disrepair and the pit was full. The dispensary also lacked bathing facilities.

We surveyed for water using the old method of using ‘copper wires’ and we dug down 11 meters (33 feet) but unfortunately we could not locate any water. We had to abandon the idea of building the well. We decided to build two new pit latrine toilets and one bathroom. The toilets can be used by the local villagers as well as the patients of the dispensary.

In Africa, it is the custom when pregnant women deliver their babies to bath their whole bodies. Unfortunately, there were no bathing facilities in the village dispensary. This resulted in women having baths when it got dark or bathing in the bushes for privacy reasons. With your help now, the mothers of Kaenze village have excellent facilities to have a proper bathe in a private place.

The villagers of Kaenze have said ‘thank you and asante sana’ to the generous donors who have remained anonymous.

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