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Provide Clean Sanitation

Buhongwa Primary School VIP Toilet Block

Sponsored by www.khakifoundation.com – the villagers are very thankful and pray that the organisation continues in their work to help the humanity.

Buhongwa Primary School: The toilets were completed and handed over to the Buhongwa School Board on Thursday 31st July 2008. TDCF had initially planned to dig a shallow well but unfortunately, water was not found at the site despite digging a 50-foot hole. TDCF took an executive decision to convert the proposed shallow well site into a VIP toilet block. The school needed new toilet facilities, as the present toilets were in a dilapidated state. The total cost of the project was approximately TSHS. 5,500,000/= (approximately $US 5000:00). The new toilet block includes 6 toilets and 1 store room containing cleaning equipment such as insecticide, brooms, mops, toilet paper, gloves and gumboots. The school children have said a BIG ASANTE SANA to the donors.

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