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Current Appeals

Current Appeals

Ms HR has been has been asked to go through an urgent biopsy and other relevant tests to be done to ascertain the exact diagnosis.

Ms. HR has been referred to Bugando Medical Centre referral hospital from Biharamulo district in Kagera region.
She has experienced her right eye swelling since last August 2018 and reached this advanced stage.

At her first assessment, she has been asked to go through an urgent biopsy and other relevant tests to be done to ascertain the exact diagnosis.
Her first phase treatment needs costs the following.

Theatre charges tshs 320,000/-, biopsy and other relevant tests tshs 150,000/-. Seven days of hospital transport and three meals per day while in hospital tshs 250,000/-.

Approximate funds needed are TSHS 720,000/- equivalent to £240. $315 usd, C$480 and AUD $ 480.

There is an urgent need, please. Since she will be admitted tomorrow early in the morning for post surgery preparation, the funds are needed urgently.
For more information please contact
Sibtain Meghjee on +255784783413

Shabani Alli from Geita region lost his two eyes

Shabani Alli from Geita region came all the way requesting for white that will help him on his day to day life. He lost both of his eyes in a car accident on 6th November 2011. He is struggling with daily life due to the disability. He was handed over one white from the white Canes that was donated by M V LATEST NEWS WHATS up group through Brother Aliraza Bandali. He sincerely thanked and prayed for the donors for the assistance of this white cane that represent his eyes  in his daily life and make his life more comfortable. He requested a few pairs of clothes as he only had two pairs.

Zephania Bukela (12) of Igombe village needs eye surgery support

Zephania Bukela (12) of Igombe village in Mwanza city was struck with a knife in his left eye by his younger brother while playing at home and lost totally his eye sight in the left eye. He was seen by an eye specialist at BMC referral hospital and has been advised that the eye needs surgery and he has to be admitted on Wednesday 12/12/18

Due to poverty his mother has approached us for financial assistance so that the surgery can be done on the prescribed date

Theater cost is tshs 320,000/- and five days medicines,dressing ,food and transport to and from hospital can cost about tshs 250,000/.

Total approximate cost needed is tshs 570,000/- ie
Usd $ 250
AUD $380
C$ 380.
Any body wishing to assist this young boy please contact Sibtain Meghjee on +255784783413.

Charles Jagadi 's left eye was diognised to have cancer

One and half years back Charles Jagadi who hails from Kishapu village in Shinyanga region had approached us for the assistance of funds for a biopsy test and CT SCAN
His left eye was diagnosed to have cancer hence we had assisted his full medical expenses when needed
Since at Bugando the treatment could not be completed he was referred to Muhimbili and Ocean road and now he has been discharged after successful treatment and is back in his village
We visited him after last Friday prayers at his home that is 88 km away one way from Mwanza.

The photos of him and his families life shows very clearly the standard of life they stay due to poverty. The last photo shows the type of toilets they use and chances of contracting disease especially all of them are albinos.

The family is most deserving of charity funds and can be assisted to purchase a better house And furnish with basic needs like beds, mattresses mosquito nets, blankets an own house is available for sale at this 3.5m/- which is about 1200 UK pounds. For those who wish to assist this case can contact Sibtain Meghjee in +255784783413.

TDCF reaches a Milestone

TDCF reaches a Milestone… Thank you all especially M V LATEST NEWS GROUP.

Wheelchair no 400 was handed over MZEE D who got both of his legs amputated due to diabetes and recently lost eyesight on both of his eyes due to cataract and diabetes.
After his amputation, he has been totally housebound and has a big family of nine people to feed daily.
Some children are still schooling and the two eldest have no jobs.

As from now, TDCF will help the family food from monthly family food relief program that goes to 50 families every month from funds collected.
Mr. D will also attend eye clinic on Monday and see the specialist for possible cataract surgery to solve the eyesight issue.
He will also see the specialist for possible prosthesis limbs to make him more mobile.

Help Miss Daines Juma Kuboja for Surgery

Miss Daines Juma Kuboja (15 yrs) has been suffering from a huge swelling on her nose as the picture shows since 2008 and was for the first time seen at Bugando Medical Center in 2014 but could not continue with the treatment due to lack of funds. She has now approached us for financial assistance for her treatment.

We have immediately admitted her at Bugando referral hospital and post-surgery tests have been taken and her first surgery is scheduled for early tomorrow.

First phase treatment will need about this 4m/- out of which one donor from U.K has donated this 1.5m/-(£500)
We are requesting the balance of 2.5m/- (840 UK POUNDS) shortfall A S A P so that the surgery plus all needs like medication, food, dressings of the wound, transport goes smoothly.

The second phase of the treatment will depend on the biopsy results from the swelling removed from tomorrow’s surgery. For more information please contact TDCF.

Both parent and daughter have consented for photos to be published. Please contact us if you can help.

Appeal for school, college, university fees

Mr YHY was today handed over with a brand new laptop to help him in university studies. He has been under TDCF sponsorship since his first year in his A level in Magu district.

He hails from Kigoma and comes from a very down to earth, humble and poor family background. His school academic performance is excellent as both his O levels and A levels he has scored division one as his results certificate shows. He has now been selected to join one of the best universities in TZ THE SOKOINNE UNIVERSITY to persue a five years course in vetenary medicine.

Becides loan from the loan board, TDCF will top up the full shortfall so that he can complete his studies smoothly an be useful to serve the country.

His first year costs amounting to tshs 2.7 m/- have been paid advance in full and from Friday he will be oficillay joining his course at university
We wish him all the best and thank the donor taking care of his education expenses

TDCF literally has hundreds of applications for school, college and universities fees. Please contact us if you can help.

Donate bicycles and help students

Mr AM who is a first year A level student (Form V) at Pamba secondary school in Mwanza city who leaves at Kiseke area that is almost 10 km away from the school. He normally walks about 20 km back and forth.

He was today handed over a brand new bicycle, donated by a well wisher from Toronto so that he can now attend school less tired and reach back home earlier to help his parents in domestic work and continue studying at home with more time.

Such a bicycle costs about tshs 250,000/- (£ 86 / usd $110 / C$ 167 / AUD$ 167)

TDCF have many applications for bicycles from students. If you would like to help, please contact us.

Urgent physiotherapy required for fast recovery

Mrs Maira, a single parent of four children is bed ridden since 19th July 2018. Due poverty she could not manage hospital treatment, hence is being treated at home. She needs urgent physiotherapy for fast recovery. She still needs a zimmer frame ASAP so that her exercise session can start.

In Mwanza this frame is sold for tshs 200,000/- which is about 75-80 UK pounds.
Anyone wishing to help please contact Sibtain Meghjee on +255784783413.

For those wishing to send their donation directly to Mrs Maira can send by M Pesa on (applies only to donors from Tanzania) 0756617043.

Donate Sewing machines to start tailoring classes

Four sewing machines were today handed over by TDCF to Muleba villagers in Kagera region to open up a tailoring class in the village for ladies. This tailoring classes will accommodate 40 women daily in four shifts of ten women and they will learn tailoring skills within six months and start earning and help bringing up their families. If you want to donate a sewing machine, please contact us.

TDCF runs sewing classes for adults

TDCF runs sewing classes for adults who never got chance to go to school or had to drop out because of difficulty with fees. These children from Foundation Karibu Tanzania orphanage are wearing clothes made at the TDCF sewing classes. If you want to help with sponsoring students, please contact us.

Donate a well in small villages

Please sponsor a well to ease hardship in small villages. Please contact TDCF for more information.

Donating items for cataract surgeries

TDCF donating items for 100 cataract surgeries at Seketoure Referral Hospital, Mwanza. TDCF is in need of funds, so please contact us if you want to help.

Wheelchairs and Tricycles for Disabled

TDCF strive to improve the situation by sponsoring many students in Tanzania…

Access to Clean and Clear Water

Many people in africa do not have access to safe water, and fewer yet receive even…

Ensure Education For Every Child

TDCF strive to improve the situation by sponsoring many students in Tanzania…

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