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Well No 650

Well No 650

Today on the day of ASHURA 1444 9/8/22 well no 650 was handed over to the villagers of Mazizini Village in Mvomero in Dakawa ward in Morogoro region near

This well will serve 67 families ie 390 people on daily basis s per leadership statement

The well has been donated by Adella Mushtak Ahmed, mother of Hassan and Hanawi and dearest wife of Radhwan Nasser

Today on Ashura day The Desk and chair foundation have managed to handover SIX such wells in commemoration of martyrdom of Imam Hussein a s and his companions in the tragic event of Kerballa

On the day like today there was no water in the house hold of Imam Hussein and his companions in plains of Kerbala

May the Almighty accept our this humanitarian assistance to the public in remembering the martyrs of Kerballa
and repay the donors abundantly here and here after

The clips and photos attached are self explanatory of the impact


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