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Brothers and sisters have presented an excellent birthday gift to their brother by gifting him a complete solar light system. This was installed at Nassa Health Center in the labour Ward. The gift also included twenty mosquito nets and two water reserve tanks of 5000 liters each.

This birthday gift was handed over to Honorable Ms Mickness Mahela, councilor for Busega Ward where the Nassa Health Center is situated.

The Hon. coucillor thanked the donors for an excellent birthday gift that was desperately needed in the new labour ward. The councilor also said what a great lesson to learn from these children.

She also congratulated the parents of the children for excellent up bringing and instilling the benefit of giving to help the needy.

All parents should try to follow for thinking of less fortunate people during happy family moments like birthdays,weddings and etc etc.

May the almighty bless all family members.

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